You and I Should Try Again

Silver Jackson – You and I Should Try Again (Pt. I) from Dylan McLaughlin on Vimeo.

"The three part series poetically moves through Life. You And I Should Try Again (pt.1) representing life and love, relationship to death in Starry Skies Opened Eyes (pt. 2) where it is all taken away in an instant and Afterlife which is the yet to be released as From Another World (pt. 3). During the creation of this album I had experienced many challenges, including a custody battle, ends of relationships, and of course a near death hunting accident which is partial motivation to the Starry Skies Opened Eyes video. Transformation, movement, life and beauty is what we see happening in the entire series." -Nicholas Galanin

Music – Silver Jackson – You and I Should Try Again feat. Samantha Crain, Benjamin Verdoes, OCnotes

Director/DP – Dylan McLaughlin (
Dancers – Nicole Corpion & Emily Innis
Choreography Consultant – Echo Gustafson

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