Thursday, July 30th, 2015

10pm Breathe Owl Breathe

9:15pm Benjamin Verdoes

8:30pm Valley Maker

8:00pm Liz Syder (Wool Pullers)

7:30pm Mitch Gonzales

7:00pm Teri Tibbett


Friday, July 31st, 2015

5:30pm Gemini Waltz

6pm  Audio Visual

6:25 The Frontiers

6:50 pm Strummin Dog  / Mudd Puddle

7:15 Eric Freeman

7:40 Kirt Debique

8:10 Grey Waves

8:40 Astro King Phoenix

9:15 Silver Jackson

9:50 Ephriam Nagler

10:30 Eric Blood

11:15 Iska Dhaaf

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

5:30 Stephan Blanchett (Pumyua)

5:45 Jeff Aker

6:10 Chocolate Chuck

6:35 Kristi Lane Sinclair

7:05 Tay Sean

7:30pm Sassy Black

8:00pm Budo

8:30pm Ra Scion

9:10 Jarv Dee

9:50pm OCnotes

10:30 VoxMod

11:15 pm Playboy Spaceman

After show party performances will take place at Dock Shack Bar And Grill at the Totem Square Hotel.

Free Shuttle will run at midnight donated by Tribal Tours.